2022 Elkhart County Republican Candidates

2022 Elkhart County Republican Candidates


  • Judge of the Circuit Court: Michael A. Christofeno
  • Prosecuting Attorney: Vicki Elaine Becker
  • Clerk of the Circuit Court: Christopher J. Anderson
  • County Auditor: Patty A. Pickens
  • County Recorder: Kaala Baker
  • County Sheriff: Jeff A. Siegel
  • County Assessor: Cathy S. Searcy
  • County Commissioner, District 1: Bob Barnes
  • County Council, District 1: Doug S. Graham
  • County Council, District 2: Randall (Randy) D. Yohn
  • County Council, District 3: Darryl J. Riegsecker
  • County Council, District 4: David L. Hess


  • Bristol Town Council (2 seats): Cathy S. Burke, Greggory Tuholski
  • Middlebury Town Council (2 seats): Karl Miller, Chuck Teall
  • Wakarusa Town Council (2 seats): Annette Brown, Rocco R. Rigsby


  • Concord Township Assessor: Christopher S. Dickinson
  • Baugo Township Trustee: Katherine A. Weaver
  • Benton Township Trustee: Brad Showalter
  • Cleveland Township Trustee: Kathy J. Gordon
  • Clinton Township Trustee: Toni Miller
  • Concord Township Trustee: Jim E. Weeber
  • Elkhart Township Trustee: Chuck Cheek
  • Harrison Township Trustee: Kerry Yaw
  • Jackson Township Trustee: Tom Lantz
  • Jefferson Township Trustee: James (Jim) Weldy
  • Locke Township Trustee: Peggy A. Hunsberger
  • Middlebury Township Trustee: Ruth Eash
  • Olive Township Trustee: Linda A. Hartzell
  • Osolo Township Trustee: Lisa O’Lena
  • Union Township Trustee: Kenneth A. Miller
  • Washington Township Trustee: Michael H. Lee
  • York Township Trustee: Mary Dee Shoup


  • Baugo Township Board (3 seats): Madeline Smith, Stephen Gray, Lynn Loucks
  • Benton Township Board (3 seats): Richard Erb, Robert E. Geiger, Steve Showalter
  • Cleveland Township Board (3 seats): Erin Hartman, Matthew Hartman, Jason Stutsman,
  • Clinton Township Board (3 seats): Gary K. Kauffman Dean Rink, Kathy M. Sark
  • Concord Township Board (3 seats): Jerry P. Adkins, James D. Beck, Kenneth L. Davis
  • Elkhart Township Board (3 seats): H. Wayne Jennette, Susie Rogers, Peggy L. Weaver
  • Harrison Township Board (3 seats): Brian Ramer, Tim L Stutsman, Galen Witmer
  • Jackson Township Board (3 seats): Gerald (Jerry) Bernaert, Bruce A. Korenstra, John F. Yoder
  • Jefferson Township Board (3 seats): Debra Johnson, Rick E. Kauffman, Bruce Nethercutt
  • Locke Township Board (3 seats): Wayne D. Klotz, Edward C. Pippenger, Tena D. Sheets
  • Middlebury Township Board (3 seats): Gregg Berry, Jerry L. Weaver, Kent Yoder
  • Olive Township Board (3 seats): David W. Gongwer, Tara L. Lengacher, Rick Vandegrift
  • Osolo Township Board (3 seats): Carol McDowell, Vern Miller, Tim Cunningham
  • Union Township Board (3 seats): Jacob Dermott, Jason King, Brent Reed
    Washington Township Board (3 seats): Greg Bailey, Paul D. Phillips, James M. Weaver
  • York Township Board (3 seats): John P. Baker Dean Martin, Norma Jo Rood


  • U.S. Senator: Todd Young
  • U.S. Representative, District 2: Rudy Yakym III
  • State Senator, District 11: Linda Rogers
  • State Representative, District 18: David H. Abbott
  • State Representative, District 21: Timothy Wesco
  • State Representative, District 48: Doug Miller
  • State Representative, District 49: Joanna King

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