Meet the Candidates: Phil Jenkins for Nappanee Mayor.

Mayor Jenkins

Civic Experience in Nappanee

1986 – City Sanitation – Picked up trash in downtown alleys and west industrial park
1991 – Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning, Community Based Projects, Charette Workshop
1996 – Bonar Group, Nappanee Comprehensive Master Plan (Transportation Committee)
1997-2003 – Nappanee City Council
2000-2001 Nappanee Leadership Academy
2004-present – Nappanee Board of Public Works and Safety
2007-present – Northwood Soccer Club – Board Member
2011-present – NWSC President
2011-2014 – Northwood 15th Home Owner’s Association – President

What inspired you to seek elected office? I am running for the office of Mayor because I believe in Nappanee and I want to see the City continue to be successful.

What experience has prepared you for this position?
I have lived in Nappanee all my life, with the exception of college. My life has been about giving back to the community, through my service on the City Council, Board of Works, and the Northwood Soccer Club. My profession as an architect allows me to clearly identify problems and effectively offer solutions. As a husband, father, employee, and public servant, I have learned that dedication, passion, and integrity are extremely important.

Why do you believe you are the best choice for city voters?
I believe I have the skills and experience necessary to lead Nappanee forward. My ability to bring together individuals and work collectively to address issues is a valuable asset. I am able to run the day-to-day operations while still looking down the road 5, 10, 20 years.

What issues do you see on the horizon for the city? How will you deal with them if you take office?
Some of the issues for Nappanee include our EPA mandated Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) implementation, managing growth to maintain balance in all sectors (business, residential, service, and government), and improving technology and communication. While we received a sizeable grant through Rural Development for the CSO project, the financial burden to the citizens will be significant. We will try to work to minimize the impact by continuing to look for ways to be more efficient. I would like to update the City’s comprehensive master plan, to give the city a shared vision for the next twenty years. I will encourage community involvement in the process to make sure every voice is heard. I will work with the various businesses, organizations, committees, boards, commissions, and departments to make improvements to our technology to improve our competitive edge and better communicate to our citizens and those outside of the Nappanee.

Why did you choose the Republican Party?
I chose the Republican party because of my conservative, family values and my belief in individual liberty.

How do you see your role when it comes to your oath of office and the constitution?
When I take an oath of office, I am pledging to uphold the constitution and faithfully execute my duties of the office accordingly.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you and your candidacy? 
I am excited to have the opportunity to serve and lead Nappanee! I want to work with the citizens to collectively build a better Nappanee for our children and the generations that follow.